It's not all business.   The Moksha Institute, as part of our mission, is dedicated to improving our collective work lives because we believe there is no greater hurdle to our happiness than the place where we spend the most time: work.   After all, only 20% of us report being happy at work.  And, that is alarming, because your happiness impacts --- everything



Your joyfulness or lack thereof impacts your health, your relationship satisfaction, and your work performance more than any other factor – and more than most combined.  

For example, when positive, you are 31% more productive than when in a neutral or low mood state; if you were in Sales, you’d perform 37% better; if you were a doctor, you’d make decisions 19% faster and over 25% more accurately… this list could go on and on.  


But, it’s not all business.   Our mission is also to improve well-being.   We are a profit-for-purpose company – a new model of for-profit companies that is emerging.   That means that we BELIEVE in giving back to our community.    


We regularly host workshops and intensives for our community – for individuals and couples, leaders and non-leaders.  Our divorce rate today – something contributing to our collective mood state – is over 50%.   Science has demonstrated and the teachings from our Spiritual traditions convey that our relationships are a mirror to our internal state.   Therefore, we can dramatically improve our lives, relationships, our health, and our state of wellbeing by going inward… by doing “the work.” 


Our workshops help you do “the work.”  We guide, teach, challenge, and revitalize your spirit.  


Please check our schedule here for our upcoming workshops in your area/location.  


And, remember, happiness does not exist outside of you.   It isn’t just around the corner.   It isn’t found in the next promotion, or when you leave this job.  It isn’t in that new pair of boots or that shiny new car.   In fact, if we know everything about your external world, we can only predict 10% of your long-term happiness.   90% of your happiness has NOTHING to do with the external world, but rather – how your brain processes the world.   In short, what you make of it.   Whether you see it positively or negatively.   How you filter the world. Whether or not you are bothered by that person with 25 items in the “20 items or less” grocery store line.   Change your beliefs, change your life!   We’ll help.   That’s what we do…

Upcoming Workshops: