Moksha (mōk-sha)

Problems in life cannot be solved using the same thinking that created them.  The Moksha Institute is a transformation firm dedicated to helping individuals and organizations thrive.  Our purpose is to enable others live and work "at their best,” to manifest their highest potential, and “wake up” to abundance, health, performance, and life! 
We engage individuals and organizations in total transformation - implementing the best of what we have learned in over 100 years of Psychological research combined with the timeless teachings of Eastern philosophical traditions. 
We are passionate about helping others thrive.   Whether we are coaching a person or working with an organization, our goal is to accelerate the realization of potential.  We create thriving through an integral and transformative process.   This means we look at the whole of a system or a person.   In an organization, we work to create 1) a burning purpose, 2) a winning strategy, and 3) a high performance culture.   When working with executives/leaders, we focus on the whole person, rather than traditional approaches looking at just personality and applying a standardized, "cookie-cutter" assessment.   We have worked with CEOs and Executives across the nation.  And, our results speak for themselves.  
Every approach is customized for the person we are coaching or the organization in which we are working. 
We welcome the opportunity to help you, your leaders, your team, or your company THRIVE.  
Our work is focused in 5 key areas:
1) Engaged, Healthy Workplace Cultures
2) Powerful, Dynamic, and Aligned Teams
3) Personal Transformation for Thriving (Coaching)
4) Transformational Workshops (Public & Private)
5) Keynote Presentations / Motivational Speaking


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