the Leadership Imperative

The Moksha approach is integral - meaning that we impact leadership performance at every level of experience - mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.   It is this last dimension of our model that seems to raise the proverbial ‘hairs on the arms’ of some.  The idea that we are spiritual beings who need connection and purpose is left out of the human motivation equation in 90% of leadership training.  


Our approach is different.  And, we readily accept that our approach is not for every leader or every company. 

But, it is needed.   And, for those companies who are ready, our approach is transformational.  

Human beings are not robots.   We are multifaceted.   We like our work, but we are not defined by it.   We love our families and friends.   We have interests and hobbies.   We dream of applying the whole of ourselves, leveraging our unique talents and gifts toward something meaningful.   And, these desires are growing ever more imperative.


Gallup reports that almost 50% of Americans are “suffering” and unhappy, ‘miserable’ at work (65%), and 3/4 (75%) report that the most stressful part of their lives is their work/boss.   In 1999, these numbers looked different.  Only 1/4 (25%) saw their job as stressful.  


There is clearly a need for a paradigm shift.   The “leadership” prescription for the future will not come in a neat and tidy package of “should” and “should nots” from leadership gurus.  We do not need more ‘models’ of leadership.  


More and more, employees are skeptical of leadership.   The zeitgeist of our time is one in which people are starving for meaning and purpose.   All around us is a sea of inauthenticity.   The spirit of our time is one in which we have seen our Politician’s lie, our “reality” TV shows  scripted, and the witnessing of corporate giants falling due to corruption and greed. 


This isn’t a doom and gloom pitch, but simply a statement of what we are now facing.  The model of leadership has changed.   The “7 Habits” or “Cheese Moving” leadership training programs have produced archetype leaders who are able to give feedback using the proper 5:1 ratios and the latest 7-step process for annual performance reviews.   But, we have lost the individual in the process – the most important ingredient. 


Our integral model exposes every area blocking leaders from their highest performance and life happiness.   Our purpose is to help leaders thrive – improving their ability to lead, but also to lead happy lives.   Why?  Because happy people create happy people.   It’s that simple.  


Organizations are just mirrors of their leadership. 

We welcome the chance to help your leadership team thrive.


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