“I was the most skeptical person in the room.  But, I had heard such great things.  So, I decided to take my team through 2 days with Ryan and Sheila. The experience was so impactful, we decided to cascade their work throughout all of our U.S. and Mexico leadership teams. 


Never in my entire career as a leader have I had more  people come into my office to personally ‘thank me’.  




Driscoll's Berry Co


What Leaders are Saying....


"This was the most impactful professional workshop I have attended.   The Moksha training was very powerful and on trend with the type of company/professional environment that attracts and retains talent.  Thank you for investing in this program." 2017


"This was the best development session I have attended in my 20 years.  Good job Driscoll's and thank you."

"Best training (and most relevant) of any I have had at any company as a leader..  I will be studying for a long time (perhaps forever) to be competent in the execution and building not only the team, but also individuals within the team."

"This was probably the best work seminar/training that i have ever attended...it's the human element, the bonding, the story telling, the energy etc.  I appreciate it wasn't just a passive Power Point experience."


"Although I am a natural skeptic, I really appreciated the insight and different perspective Moksha provided and I am committed to pursuing some of the exercises and recommendations they equipped us with."

"It was awesome that my company is open to this kind of trainings."

" I've been through motivational sessions in the past but I have not experienced the true brain understanding and emotional self-awareness as I have in this training."

"I am very appreciative of our leadership for providing the opportunity for all employees to participate on this. Our vision is provably the most challenging area to continue make improvements, I personally think that this training will support all employees to be more aware on how we conduct ourselves on our daily business in balance with our company vision. I am personally benefiting from participating in this session, the instructors are really genuine and transparent on trying to really help, it is refreshing to work with consultants that make the time understand our DSA culture before trying to help."




"Moksha recognized a personal interest and gave me advice that boosted my confidence and management of personal energy."

"Every person in Driscoll's needs to go through the Culture Session. The session by Sheila and Ryan was life-changing." 

"Ryan & Sheila created a connection with each of us. I was able to connect on a personal level about some issues.  The feedback and tools they were able to provide are priceless. I want to thank you both for opening your heart to help my heart!!! " -Moises


"This session strengthens the way we interact with each other to strengthen our our culture.  This helps us manage our energy and gave us skills/tools, which we haven't learned. I enjoyed the session and can see how to apply these skills."


"I was a little skeptical of this training going into it. But truly believe it has made an impact and will continue to do so. If each person at our company is going to experience this -- we will be better as a whole."


"Sheila and Ryan gave me ideas and helped me understand myself and how I can be a good leader."


​"Feels great to know the company is investing in our future."

"I feel very grateful that i was included in this trainings, because it gave me the tools to keep improving my skills and raise the level of awareness of trust within my whole team and colleagues within the whole enterprise. Thank you so much for including my self into this training. Feel very grateful to work at this company."

" Having the opportunity to learn yoga, wellbeing practices have changed my life.  I have taught  what I've learned to the soccer teams I coach, my kids and my whole family."




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