More People Die on Monday at 9am than Any Other Time.

Your body has about 100 trillion cells, more than all the stars in the Milky Way.

  • Each cell is doing 100,000 activities every SECOND.

  • Every cell synchronizes with every other cell in your body. It does this instantly. That, in and of itself, is new science.

  • You might be asking how your foot cells and brain cells can respond at the same time.

  • Simple: your mind does not exist in your brain.

  • This is why your body can fight an illness, digest your food, maintain your heartbeat, monitor your temperature, play a piano, kill germs, remove toxins, grow a baby, and think thoughts – AT the SAME time. Never before have we been able to explain how this works and thanks to advances in quantum biology, we now can.

  • What we now know is that your body is a verb, not a noun. It is an activity. It is a process, not a thing. Back of you is consciousness and that consciousness sits outside of ‘stuff’. It sits in the womb of creation - the infinite void, the Buddhists call this “nothingness” and the scientists call this the Quantum Vacuum.

  • We come from nothingness, spinning stars as we dance. All the atoms of your body come from the stars – quite literally. Under a quantum microscope, you look more like a galaxy spinning than a suit of skin. You are recycling stardust, spinning, and recycling in and out of you all while maintaining the illusion of your solidarity. Atoms are coming into your body and leaving your body at every second and in this moment.

  • Your body is not a structure, it is a process. At the level of sub-atomic particles, everything that you see is changing. Particles are coming and going. Nothing in the universe is ‘standing still’… all around us – EVERYTHING is moving, vibrating.

  • Some are just vibrating more than others. A rock vibrates very, very, very slowly. You vibrate much faster.

  • Radioactive studies have proven that at this moment, you have a million atoms in your body that once belonged to Gandhi, Jesus, and Alexander the Great.

  • In just the last 3 weeks, a quadrillion atoms have gone through your body that have gone through every living creature on this planet – a tiger in Africa, a lemur in South America, a yellow Labrador in Wisconsin, a Redwood in California, and that lunch lady in Knoxville, Tennessee.

  • You have ‘stuff’ in your body that was not there less than 3 weeks ago. In less than 1 year, you recycle 98% of ALL the matter in your body.

  • At the atomic/molecular level, you have a new liver every 6 weeks, a new stomach lining every 5 days, new skin once per month, a new skeleton – that thing that seems so hard - in less than half a year.

  • The chair at your dining room table is more ‘the chair’ – more the same – than you are. You are now in your 2013 model of a body.

  • Last year, you had the same clothes, but a different body. Your clothes, your dining room table, your computer --- these things have a longer shelf life than your physical body.

This raises a big question for us – and for science. Who are you then?

  • If you think you are your physical body, then which one are you talking about? The 2012 model. Or the 2013 model? Or the 1999 model? Who are you?

  • My psychologist friends will gladly tell you that “you” reside in your “brain,” but your “brain” is made of completely different ‘stuff’ – different atoms – every single year.

  • YOU are not your brain, because your brain is not a solid thing. It is changing every single second. Where do “you” exist then? Where do “you” sit?

  • You die every second and your energy reincarnates materiality – as stuff, particles – as you. Every second. Right now. You are dying and reincarnating, as you, right now.

  • You are in process with your environment, taking a bit of the atoms of the tree, the grass, the bricks of your home... with you – spinning it into the building blocks of you –making new hairs on your legs, new skin cells for your bio suit, and saliva in your mouth.

  • Your consciousness is outliving the molecules through which it expresses itself – all the time. It’s doing it right now. It’s happening now.

  • The cells of your hand were not there a month ago – but they remember the difference between hot and cold, pain and pleasure… they remember how to hold a baseball or to write with a pencil. The MEMORY is reincarnated.

  • So, where does memory sit?

  • This is why experiences matter.

  • Experiences, memory, actions… these things are lasting. They carry vibration and information. And, this information organizes everything. This information takes ‘dead’ stuff from the stars and organizes it into everything you see around you.

  • Your cells remember what they did yesterday, last week, and 15 years ago. They pass on to their great grandchildren memory (this is why you can still ride a bike after 15 years, when the cells of your body today have NEVER ridden a bike before).

  • In the yoga sciences, we call this imprint sanskara. In the broader sense, it's karma.

The hard problem of science is your subjective experience.

  • Where is the mind?

  • It is everywhere and perfectly entangled with yours.

  • If we were having a conversation, I would be talking, and you would be listening. Your mind would interpret what I said, and produce chemicals based on your perceptions of what I said. You would then dialogue with me.

  • My mind would interpret what you said. My mind would produce chemicals. I would then dialogue with you. This would be a dynamic dance of consciousness.

  • There is no mental event that doesn’t have a neural consequence and correlate.

  • Every thought has action that follows in the body. The brain functions as an integrated whole. The brain follows the direction of the mind.

  • Everything is integrated. Your thoughts are connected to your feelings. Your feelings are connected to your body. Your body produces chemicals that impact you and the environment. The environment impacts your body. Your body impacts your feelings. Your feelings impact your thoughts. Wow! What a dance!

  • You are in a dynamic interchange with everything all the time!

  • YOU exist ONLY as a process, not a thing. I know that’s really, really strange and hard to get. But, it’s true. Just as it’s hard to look at the Earth and know it is round from our vantage point. What I am telling you right now is that the world is NOT flat. Your ‘skin’ suit that you think is SOLID and separate from everything else is an ILLUSION!

  • If I told you that I learned that you were getting fired tomorrow, you would have a serious reaction. You would produce cortisol. Your blood pressure would increase. You would start to sweat. Your pupils would dilate. That’s a lot of ‘stuff’ because of what I said to you.

  • Had I said the same thing in Mandarin, you would have had NO reaction!

  • Some part of you interpreted MEANING and from that perception, you had a reaction.

  • Science has YET to find the meaning-maker. It doesn’t exist IN THE BRAIN, because the meaning-maker CONTROLS the brain. The meaning maker tells the brain to produce cortisol, to raise the blood pressure, to sweat. Or not. Based on the perception – the story – it wants to create.

  • The brain is the tool of the meaning-maker.

So…. You are not your brain. NO physical matter can make meaning. Or imagine. Or remember. Or be inspired. Or love. These things EXIST as separate from our ever-changing, ever impermanent physical matter. This is how we KNOW that consciousness does not exist in the BRAIN, but rather the BRAIN exists in consciousness. Imagine an invisible web and that web holds everything together… that’s consciousness.

  • The scary truth, mathematically, is that if you get to a small enough level, ‘stuff’ disappears and all that is left is the possibility of things with some laws in play.

Why does this matter? There is no way of understanding human biology without understanding the whole system, because systemically, everything is connected. Your thoughts affect your neurotransmitters, your neurotransmitters regulate your immune function, and your immune system regulates your health.

We CANNOT look at the parts as we do in the reductionist West. Parts are fictions of imagination. You cannot isolate a molecule. A molecule is a fiction of imagination. Your body is not a noun; your body is a verb.

Mind and matter are inseparable. If the environment sick, we are sick. If the rivers are poisoned, so are we. Everything is connected. You are in activity with “the environment” all the time. It is one system. The trees are your lungs. The earth is recycling; so is your body. The rivers move like your blood. Your emotions and mood affect me; I perceive them subconsciously and actually produce neurochemicals to match yours.

As is the atom, so is the universe. As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm. As above, so below. As is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind. We are biological fractals and holographic expressions of the total universe. Identity CANNOT be contained by the boundaries of your skin, because the WHOLE universe is involved in the shaping of your body… right now. The entire web of life is responsible for the activity you call your body.

Wellbeing is a state of being created from your thoughts. Your thoughts create brain changes that syncs your biological functioning according to those thoughts. In short, you think yourself sick or healthy. Other moderators matter, of course. Exercise, Diet, Social Support… these things matter.

The mechanisms of illness are not the root causes of illness. Modern Science examines illness from a reductionist lens – treat the bacteria with an antibiotic or treat cancer with chemotherapy. The problem with this approach is that mechanisms of illness are not the origins of illness. This is why when are treating illness, we aren’t really changing anything.

Health comes from the word ‘holy’ – stemming from ‘whole’ – the return to your whole self. When you come in contact with that within you that is timeless – soul – you find that which cannot be tainted, hurt, fragmented, or lost, and therefore free from death.

It is no surprise that more people die at 9:00am on a Monday morning, at work, than any other time of day (cardiac arrest). This is an entirely human accomplishment. Animals aren’t dying on Mondays more than Tuesdays. In fact, they don’t know when it’s Monday or when it’s Tuesday.

I am in the culture change business. I coach leaders. I lead team transformations. Often, I am asked why I choose to work with companies rather than to just move on to some type of Tony Robbins initiative. Why help companies change corporate culture?

  • Because only 20% of us will answer “Yes” to the question – “Do you like your job?”

  • Because if your boss criticizes you (gives you negative feedback), your wellbeing will drop by 40% and you’ll get sick. But, if your boss notices even a single strength of yours, you will start to thrive.

  • Because we lose about $300 billion dollars each year due to disengaged workers. Because disengaged workers are not only unhappy, they actually seek to come to work to make others unhappy.

  • Because your thoughts matter. And, if you hate your work, then you hate yourself. If you hate yourself, then you cannot see love in the world; your perception will be filtered through the lens of a victim.

That’s why. Because I care about you. About us. About me. Namaste, Ryan

Dr. Ryan Pride is the owner of the Moksha Institute, a firm dedicated to improving the wellbeing of individuals, teams, and organizations through culture transformation and leadership development. A profit-for-purpose company, the Moksha Institute applies Ancient Teachings for the Modern Time in order to transform striving into thriving.

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