Your Beliefs Matter

Your thinking rules are determined by your beliefs. These rules categorize and encode information as you experience the world – putting away into those buckets those experiences that validate your beliefs. This is a process known as “hypothesis testing and confirmation bias.”

We see what we think we'll see.

And, for many of us, we believe we aren’t good enough - that we aren’t lovable as our most authentic self. That means we see the world through this lens and then filter experiences through it. All around us, we see threats and strife and validations of our own hypothesis of our worth. And, for many of us, our self-worth is low to moderate, at best.

  • Are your thoughts kind to you?

  • How often do you beat yourself up?

  • How often to you criticize the mirror’s reflection or the impromptu comment you made in the

  • meeting?

A thought is a chemical messenger, echoing through the body like the aftermath of a rock guitar solo… It’s happening right now. It would be in your best interest to know who this “someone” is that chatters so much. So, let’s explore this ‘thing’ called consciousness: What we now know is that your body is a verb, not a noun. It is an activity. It is a process, not a thing. Back of you is consciousness and that consciousness sits outside of ‘stuff’. This is not pseudoscience.

If picked apart by tweezers, we would end up as a pretty large pile of atomic dust, none of which had EVER been alive, but all of which had been you.

  • All the atoms of your body come from the stars – quite literally. Under a quantum microscope, you look more like a galaxy spinning - than a suit of skin. You are recycling stardust, spinning, and recycling in and out of YOU all while maintaining the illusion of solidarity.

  • Atoms are coming into your body and leaving your body at every second and in this moment.

  • Your body is not a structure, it is a process. At the level of sub-atomic particles, everything that you see is changing. Particles are coming and going.

All around us – EVERYTHING is moving and vibrating. A rock vibrates very, very slowly.

You vibrate much faster.

  • When you look at the body, you see stuff. Heart, lungs, skin.

  • Get a bigger microscope and you see molecules.

  • Get a bigger microscope and you see atoms.

  • Get a bigger microscope and you see subatomic particles.

  • And, that’s the building blocks of you, me, and everything. And, also where it gets pretty fun!!

What does that mean, then, for YOU? It means that wellbeing is as much a thought belief as anything.

Wellbeing is a state of being created from your thoughts.

Thoughts matter. If you are experiencing anything less than a thriving work environment, then you are quite literally affecting your ability to thrive. Negative thoughts produce negative actions. More, your perception will be filtered through the lens of your beliefs about life and work. If you believe work is hard, stressful, or intense, that’s exactly what you’ll see and experience. If you experience it, you’ll feel it.

Consider this: Radioactive studies have proven that at this moment, you have a million atoms in your body that once belonged to Gandhi, Jesus, and Alexander the Great. Chew on that! In just the last 3 weeks, a quadrillion atoms have gone through your body that have gone through every living creature on this planet – a tiger in Africa, a lemur in South America, a yellow Labrador in Wisconsin, a Redwood in California, and that lunch lady in Knoxville, Tennessee. You are a vibrating pile of stuff - and all that 'stuff' is vibrating to the music of your beliefs. Changing your beliefs, change your life.

Namaste, Ryan

Dr. Ryan Pride is the owner of the Moksha Institute, a firm dedicated to improving the wellbeing of individuals, teams, and organizations through culture transformation and leadership development. A profit-for-purpose company, the Moksha Institute applies Ancient Teachings for the Modern Time in order to transform striving into thriving.

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