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The world does not need more ideas about how to fix it. This is hard for me to admit. We all have a responsibility to help the world, but if we try to impose our ideas about how to fix the world then we get too many cooks in the kitchen and a muddy sentiment soup.

You may think we need more Jesus; I may think we need more Krishna. Some fight for socialism; others for communism; still others for democracy … Democrat vs. Republican … This vs. That. We do not have an idea shortage.

My Beloved used to be a fierce activist. She picketed and protested. She stayed up all night. She cried and she fought. She probably yelled a time or two and swore for the cause. And, there is honor in that. As she stepped into her path as a healer, she learned that changing the system with ferocity only led to the energetic echo of ferocity. As Mathew said, hate begets hate (26:52) and evil begets evil.

Or, said differently, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction....The chain reaction of evil-hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars--must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.” – MLK

It is non-violence which has changed the world and social policy – because of the inner activism involved. It is those who held steady as they were spit upon and cursed – who resolved to hold their inner sanctum above all else in the face of oppression.

We don’t need to convert the world to another theory. No one needs to win for us to all work together. To create an enlightened world, we just have to be an inner activist. We need to discover what we have to uniquely offer the world. If we contribute the best of what we are then we will see the best in others. Our projection will be our reflection and we won’t live in a world of lack.

Deep inside of us, there is a deep want to express oneself and be relevant, validated, and purposed. But, unless we can find this goodness inside ourselves, we cannot begin to really help others, because we see the world NOT as the world is, but AS we are.

In spite of our ups and downs, frustrations, and times of confusion – in the kernel of human experience, there is goodness. Back of all thought and things, there is love. The Path of the Sacred Warrior – the Shambhala teachings of Chogyam Trungpa say that our work is to find that goodness – that sweet juice, which fuels all that is.

Discovering real goodness, though, doesn’t have to happen on your vacation to Tahiti, during your hot stone massage, or even in your yoga class. The magnetic nature of energy and intentionality works from a Feeling state, more than a Thinking state. As Abraham would say, Feeling good really matters. But, feeling good is generally thought of in “how to” terms. We think about what we really want, and then we focus on “how to” get there. The Rational brain usually wins here. We question, analyze, self-sabotage, and get in the way of the natural Flow of goodness. We plan for goodness just around the corner after we finish these 3 things.

Goodness exists right now. It exists as an appreciation for the miracle of experience in the simplest terms – not in winning the lottery or buying a new car. There is a basic goodness in just being alive and knowing it…. Watching a sunset, listening to the sound of cars passing, feeling the wind on the back of your neck. Goodness exists in the mundane. In every thing there is beauty. Finding goodness is just about waking up and noticing. And, that noticing starts with you. Noticing yourself. Inside of you there is an awesome gentleness, one who feels so deeply and vulnerably, an awed and overflowing gratitude.

Perhaps you’ve masked your inner poet and learned to critically think – analyze – compartmentalize. The call is for us now to find that inner love again. To look within ourselves and ask how we can better serve. To look deeply at what makes our soul sing and to walk bravely our own road.

A single match can obliterate a darkened room. When you find your light, you will light the world.

All is Love.


Ryan Pride

Dr. Ryan Pride is the owner of the Moksha Institute - a firm dedicated to turning this world around. Check us out for more info...

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