Contentment is about Dealing with the Consequences of Being Yourself Fully

Everything spirals. We are constantly learning.

We repeat ourselves in patterns – in spirals. We learn ourselves more deeply every day through reflected experience. The task is to deal with the consequences of being yourself with as much ease and grace as possible. And, that’s what this whole shin-dig called life is all about.

Stay grounded in your truth. Know it first. Then, soften into the perfection that is you. And, imperfection. Because you are perfectly imperfect, as it turns out. You are a unique ball of energy that has traveled through time and experience to be where you are right now and to know it. You can feel you inside - if you try. You know you are in there – that little kernel of spaciousness and quiet that sits confidently in knowing that this part of you has never been touched by experience and pain.

There are moments when you can let your truth shine rays outward in waves of grace and guided by will. Days when we are pushed so deeply into the fabric of ourselves that we can seamlessly slip into the suit of our soul and then reflect on its entrance afterward. These moments are fleeting and perfect.

To self, in these moments of grace and selfish honesty, we will say, “Wow. That was easy. I just need to be me. Honest. I need to be clear on what I want. Do it or Say it. And have the courage to deal with the consequences of being myself.”

Speak your truth and stand in the grounded nature of your yourself.

  • Listen.

  • Be kind and empathetic.

  • Feel everything incoming and notice how it feels. Don’t be reactive. Just wait on the response to come.

  • Speak your truth and stand in the grounded nature of yourself.

  • Don’t analyze.

  • Be present. Listen. Then…

  • Repeat.

Start living as yourself. Start by being authentic with yourself. And, then show up as nothing other than yourself in the world. If you don’t feel like having a conversation, politely leave it. But, notice first what it is that you want. Start here. And, then be brave!

It’s your life, after all. As my friend Sabrina says, Execute on it. The only difference between the idea of you and the realization of you is moving from idea to action. So, Just Do It.



PS – In order to show up in the world and receive love, we must first understand all the ways we get in the way of its natural flow. Trust. And, offer up humble service to the way of your truth and the passions of your heart. Trust. In the end, all is faith.

Dr. Ryan Pride is the owner of the Moksha Institute, a firm dedicated to improving the wellbeing of individuals, teams, and organizations through culture transformation and leadership development. A profit-for-purpose company, the Moksha Institute applies Ancient Teachings for the Modern Time in order to transform striving into thriving.

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