Systemic Culture Transformation

Executive Coaching and Assessment

We are not like any consulting firm you have hired before.  

We are former CEOs and Executives.   ​

We are Scientists – having advanced training in Organizational Design, Behavior, and Analysis.  


We are also Mindful practitioners – yoga teachers, therapists, meditation consultants.   We practice what we preach.

Put simply, we have been in your shoes.   We understand the demands of your world.   And, we have found the breakthrough.  We are dedicated to the Science of Mind – cultivating the full potential of the human potential, both in mind and in spirit.   We can transform your leadership, your culture, your team, and yourself.   ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Our secret lies in a firm understanding of the Ancient teachings and practices, the developments of the last 100 years of Psychology and interpersonal dynamics, and the practical realities of working inside an organization.   We get it.   We know it.   And, we can help take you and your company to a new level.   Our methodology doesn’t break through old paradigms, it transforms them completely!​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Partnering with your Business to Drive Results!!!

"Dr. Pride led my Regional Sales Directors through an intensive team building process.  During our sessions, we experienced a full range of emotions and experiences that were transforming.   No stone was left unturned.   We looked at our leadership shadows, our thought habits, our perceptual filters, our team dynamics, and at our essential nature.   Coming face-to-face with the reality that we ultimately create the outcomes we seek and the culture we want to have, we have since developed into a solid, high-performing, and accountable leadership team.   Ryan worked with our team over a period of 6 months; this process was transforming.   The work that he and his team are doing is unlike anything you have experienced before and will catalyze your energy, your team’s unity, your performance, and ultimately, your wellbeing.

- Dan Sheehan, SVP Sales and Marketing, Victor Technologies

Our coaching model is dynamic because our team is dynamic.  Our organizational psychologists utilize validated, psychological assessments proven to predict leadership performance.   Because we believe that truth is best told in stories, we also listen to a leader’s direct reports and peers; we apply qualitative and intensive interviews to develop the ‘leadership story’ of an executive.  

We now know through interpersonal neurobiology that chronic low energy states spread like a software virus.   The organization is a mirror of its leadership.   The thought habits and behavior patterns of leaders are shadowed throughout the organization.   Therefore, we know that to be effective, our coaching model must be integral.   This means that we look at all aspects of high performance and thriving – thought habits, daily practices, values, and beliefs.   

Our leadership assessments are intensive and holistic.   Our coaching model is integral and transforming.  

We welcome the chance to help your leadership team thrive.

High Performance Workshops and Leadership Intensives

We lead transformational workshops and leadership intensives across the country on topics of mindfulness, employee engagement, transformational leadership, change management, authentic communication, and creating high performance teams/cultures. 

Our Living Moksha leadership series is an intensive, experiential workshop designed to create dynamic, powerful leadership.   We also lead team development retreats to align the senior team.   We will not lie and tell you that our workshops and intensives are light.   The goal is transformation – the goal is Moksha.   It’s not an easy process.   But, it is transforming.   Our workshops and intensives will change your leaders, elevate your team, and help to transform your company. 

Recent programs include:

• Leading from Within:  The Power Mindful, Authentic Leadership
• We Perceive what We Believe:  How Thoughts Create Our Reality
• The 7 Fundamental Laws of the Universe:  How They Apply to You, Your Team, and Your Organization
• The Raw Communication Diet: Authentic Communication in the Digital Age

The Leadership 180°

The most difficult challenge in culture change work is to create lasting change.   Leaders will experience strong responses to Unfreezing sessions, but unless held accountable to implementing and habitualizing these changes, leaders will return to their learned, dominant response patterns.  

Measurement systems are the best way to hold leaders accountable in a way that is cost-effective and scalable.   Traditional leadership 360s are burdensome to an organizational matrix of leaders, as they require each leader to fill out multiple assessments – for self, peers, and direct reporting leaders.  

Our customized and innovative Leadership 180° process provides leaders with feedback on their performance against key leadership traits as well as the core operating principles/values created in Culture workshops.   Our process is one-of-a-kind and has now been successfully implemented across Global Monsanto, Nestle-Purina, and Furniture Brands International.  

The L -180° report provides leaders with the same information of a 360°, but only asks the organization to complete one 15-20 item survey.   This process has literally changed the landscape of leadership assessment and feedback. ​  Click Here for a Sample Report. 


The call to action for CEOs today is not to manage the Balance Sheet or to “stay after” the Sales leads.   The role of the CEO is to transform.  The speed of change required for companies today is almost obscene.  

CEOs must now reinvigorate their organizations, establishing a burning purpose, and uniting the organization behind a winning strategy.   The old paradigm is changing.   Executive Boards are now hiring CEOs who can create winning cultures, creating purpose-driven organizations.  

No longer can leaders ignore culture as the ‘soft’ conversation no one wants to have.   Study after study has confirmed that the culture of your company will determine your success or failure.   The highest performing companies year-after-year realize these successes because of their people – not their product.


In a world where rapid change is required for success, having a unified culture is paramount – and not paying attention to it, is often the most deadly, silent cause of collapse for any company. 


The Moksha (mōk-sha) Institute is a culture-shaping firm.   This means that we apply a methodical, comprehensive, and integrated approach to shifting your culture from the top to the bottom and from the bottom back up to the top.  Building a healthy, high-performance culture requires changing the behaviors of the individuals and teams that make up the organization.  This means that cultural transformation requires personal transformation.   Our purpose is to catalyze these transformational qualities within your leadership teams and throughout your organization.    Our approach is based in the Ancient teachings and also the best of over 100 years of Psychological research.

Team Building and Alignment

Our team building intensives are designed for newly formed teams or for teams that have been working together for many years.   We help team members grow respect for each team member’s identity, values, life purpose, and personality.   We build communication processes and breakdown barriers to authentic dialogue and feedback.   We move through Ganesha blocks (the white elephants in the room).  

Our intensives create an experience that homogenizes the team in the spirit of trust and leads to high performance and high functioning.  

Our 2-day team intensive was originally designed for Executive leadership teams, but can be applied to any team at any level.

Strategic Planning and Visioning

The fundamental building blocks for organizational success are a  1) burning purpose, 2) winning strategy, and 3) a high performance culture.   As individuals, we all want purpose and meaning in our life.   We want to know that the work we do matters.  Typically, the lowest item on employee surveys is “I understand how my work is connected to the strategy of my company.”  And, that’s because most associates don’t even really know their company’s strategy. 


We believe in empowerment.  A company will be as successful as it can leverage its people.   The purpose of your company has to be engaging.   And, if you make rubber tires, then give back to your community and inspire your associates to help you make more tires so you can build the community!  Your strategic plan should be a living document – one that includes at its roots the communication vehicle outlining how associates will be fully absorbed in its actualization.  Finally, your culture must support both your purpose and your strategy.  


These are the cornerstones of our work at the Moksha Institute.   We can help you develop a burning purpose, a winning strategy, and an engaged culture!​