Mindfulness Culture Improves Engagement & Job Performance


  • 80% of managers make better decisions by increasing cognitive functioning, internal steadiness and reducing reactivity
  • 90% are better listeners and communicators;
  • 40% reduction is Stress levels among all employees, including staff not enrolled in specific mindfulness training (viral nature of stress in an organization).      ​
  • 35% reduction in employee stress levels who practice only 1 hour of yoga per week at work!​
  • $2,000 in health care costs savings per employee!
  • Integral mindfulness training causes significant increases in both intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence (the two components of emotional intelligence- cited as largest predictor of job performance).
  • 30% sales increase for teams utilizing mindfulness (Stanley, 2009).
  • Mindfulness/integral training increases employee engagement – in spite of and independent of the workplace conditions (Yu and Harter, Gallup, 2013).   This finding is very important within the workplace, because we know that engagement is linked to business performance.​​

Mindfulness Practices Increases Cognitive Power


  •  10 hrs  increases white brain matter and creates myelination changes - resulting in faster nerve cell communication, complex brain processing, and  increases self-regulation (Dr. Yi-Yuan Tang). ​
  • Employees have "restful alertness," generating higher alpha wave function in the frontal cortex, increased alpha wave coherence between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and emotional / identity stability.  
  • Meditation increases neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to learn and adapt to change.  

​Meditation Improves Health and Wellness



  • ​Increases Immune responsiveness by addressing toxic thoughts and beliefs that lead to chronic disease and cancer.  
  • Turns off many of the genes associated with disease and ‘turning on’ genes that protect and fight illness.​​       1,000 stress related genes were turned off for meditating practitioners vs. nonpractitioners, Dr. Herbert Benson

  • Decreases blood pressure, heart disease, and cholesterol (National Institute for Health).​​

  • Increases biological resilience – the ability to deal with stress, an emotional issue, a conflict situation, an intense deadline, and then return to baseline (homeostasis).  ​

  • Helps to prevent you from getting sick!  Recent studies point to the role of meditation in bolstering immunity by modulating the stress response. 

Meditation Increases Attention



  • ​Meditation increases attention and prevents attention from being ‘highjacked’ – the ADD nation effect.    Harvard studies using experience sampling show that 47% of the time, adults minds’ are wandering.   When wandering, most reported that they were stressed and unhappy.  ​

  • ​“A wandering mind is an unhappy mind.” – Dr. Richard Davidson​


The Big List:


Over and above these aforementioned results, the NIH, Duke University, Center for Mind/Body Medicine (and others) report that:

The HEALTH benefits of integral yoga/meditation training include:

  • Faster autonomic system recovery to stress; pulse rate decreases; respiratory rate decreases; blood pressure decreases; galvanic skin response (GSR) increases; EEG - alpha waves increase (theta, delta, and beta waves also increase during various stages of meditation); EMG activity decreases; cardiovascular efficiency increases; respiratory efficiency increases; gastrointestinal function normalizes; endocrine function normalizes; excretory functions improve ; musculoskeletal flexibility and joint range of motion increases; grip strength improves; eye-hand coordination improves; reaction time improves; posture improves; ergonomic injuries decrease; strength and resiliency increase; endurance increases; energy level increases; weight normalizes; sleep improves; immunity increases; pain decreases; steadiness improves; depth perception improves; balance improves; integrated functioning of body parts improves.​

​PSYCHOLOGICAL benefits of integral yoga/meditation training include:

  • Somatic and kinesthetic awareness increase (easier to know when you are sick); mood improves and subjective well-being increases; self-acceptance and self-actualization increase; social adjustment increases; anxiety and depression decrease; hostility decreases; concentration improves; memory improves; attention improves; learning efficiency improves; self-acceptance increases; attention improves; concentration improves

BIOCHEMICAL Benefits of integral yoga/meditation training include:

  • Glucose decreases; sodium decreases; total cholesterol decreases; triglycerides decrease; HDL cholesterol increases; LDL cholesterol decreases; VLDL cholesterol decreases; cholinesterase increases; catecholamines decrease; ATPase increases; hematocrit increases; hemoglobin increases; lymphocyte count increases; total white blood cell count decreases; thyroxin increases; Vitamin C absorption  increases; total serum protein increases


With Integral training, you can quite literally change your brain functioning, your work performance, and your emotional/physical health. 


​Moksha trainings help you weather the storms of life, increase resilience and heighten your capacity to be present, Create, innovate, and perform greater in the moment