The Leadership 180° Feedback System

We are passionate about this tool, because it offers a tremendous business advantage to you, with exceptional cost-scale leverage.  


Traditional 360° Leadership assessments are used to provide managers/leaders with needed feedback.  If you are grooming a high potential succession candidate or performing a management intervention, the detail of a traditional 360° is a great tool.  And, if measuring an Executive, or Senior leader, the process is essential and will typically include detailed diagnostics through qualitative interview techniques.  The traditional 360° process, in this regard, has the noble seating of being the tried-and-true process.   But, it is an arduous one.   It takes time and the involvement of many.    


The challenge with implementing a traditional 360° broadly is measurement overload.   In order to conduct a 360°, leaders are asked to do a self-assessment and scores are compared against the ratings of peers, direct reports, and the leader’s manager/supervisor.   When implemented laterally across an organization, this process requires each rater to complete multiple evaluations on multiple people – leading to numb fingers and languid ratings - as even the most motivated rater will tire under the weight of several evaluations.   This makes implementing a traditional, data-driven 360° process across a large organization difficult and somewhat ineffective.  


The L-180° is revolutionary because it provides leaders with the most imperative developmental feedback with very little encumbrance to the organization.  We ask each leader’s direct reports to complete a 15-20 item assessment measuring the Moksha Authentic Leadership Principles ©.   We can also customize the assessment towards those areas critical to your business success.  Using our Everest (Eve) reporting system, we then cross-tabulate all results so that we can provide the core feedback gauges for each leader, answering:


  • How do my direct reports feel about me?






  • How consistently do I show up with my team?  Am I viewed the same or differently among my direct reports?







  • How do I stack up?  How do I compare to the norm that matters most – my peer leaders?










These are the fundamental questions answered from a traditional 360° - How am I doing; How do I stack up; and How consistently am I perceived.  Our customized L-180° process allows us to answer all of these questions by surveying the people in your organization only ONCE.  


The L-180° has now been fully implemented and part of the management feedback and incentive process at Monsanto, Nestle-Purina, and soon – at Ameren.   Needless to say, we are incredibly proud of this work – and the results speak for themselves.  


You can only manage what you measure and what you measure is what you see in your organization.   If you aren’t measuring your leaders – the most important factor in the success of your organization – then there is a huge gap in your strategic, human capital leverage.   Doing so in a cost-effective, simple way has been the problem.   Not now.   The L-180° is a simple, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement process that yields amazing results.    Call us today for a free consultation.  


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Average indicated by vertical, bold line

Range measured by 1 standard deviation above and below the average score

Compared to Peer group average, overall leadership average, or any other comparison desired