Life Coaching

We all want success.   We all want to thrive in our life.  Each of us has a knowing that life is short and passing.  We feel the close of every day.   And, we deeply want to live our days well.  We all want a great life – one filled with laughter and joy and fun… but also, one that is meaningful.   We hunger for connection.   We all want to live life boldly in some measure – excitedly adding the whole of ourselves in the great soup of life.   We want to contribute… to know that we changed things – even just a little.  
The beautiful paradox is that life calls for this exactly.   Life calls each of us to engage with all our passion that which we were created to do and also creates all the barriers in our way - Om Ganapati.  
Resistance – whether it be life obstacles or our own fears – is part of the journey.   There cannot be growth without pain.  Plants require pruning to expand.   Gems are polished with friction.    Muscles grow by breaking them down.   What we can control is our acceptance of “dharma”  - releasing resistance to our truth and our willful action in the world. 
Finding that wellspring of life and purpose, though, takes some inner work.   More, it takes the courage to step into the perfect flow of your highest calling.  
What is clear is that waiting on life to come or begin or to start…   waiting for the next bonus check or position opening  …  for that “in another month, I will …” leaves only the feeling of anxiety.   Regretting lost opportunities leaves only the bitter taste of loss, shame, or guilt.   
The path is inside you.   The time is now.   It’s yours already. 
We offer a mirror.  We offer Life Coaching to help you on your path, encourage you to step into your full power, guide your inquiry process, and to catalyze your growth in all areas of experience: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.   
The path to healing, empowerment, happiness, and success is within you.    We help you find it and realize it.  
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