Our coaching model is dynamic.  We are in the business of creating transformational leaders by combining the art of living at your best with the science of leadership. 


We recognize that most leaders want to be great leaders – they just don’t know how. 


So, they try on the suit of other leaders or wear the fashion of the latest leadership book.  They work hard to be someone else or to read the script they are supposed to read. Our model strips away these habits, ineffective models, beliefs, and moves leaders into the experience of a lifetime.


The Moksha approach is integral - meaning that we impact leadership performance at every level of experience - mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We are beings who need connection and purpose and from this place we become powerful leaders.


Leadership is the most important business lever.  Employees don't leave organizations, they leave their boss.   Conversely, they also will stay late and work hard because of their boss.   No single culture trait impacts the bottom line more.   


The Moksha Coaching Process will Develop within Your Leadership …

  • the capacity to be authentic and accountable

  • the ability to inspire, coach, and lead powerful teams

  • the magnetic power to inspire

  • the process to ‘self-manage’ and to lead from within

  • the way to solve problems while staying grounded 

  • the practices to regulate emotions, manage stress, stay cool under pressure, be creative, and thrive 

  • the tools to develop their people, deliver inspiring communications, and all the other leadership “behaviors,” which will flow naturally from their authentic core being.

Leadership Coaching

Our Methodology:

We apply the art and science of self-understanding. 

  • Our Ph.D. level Organizational Psychologists utilize validated, psychological assessments proven to predict leadership performance.  We have validated assessments for each level of leadership.

  • The truth is best told in stories, we learn about a leader through direct reports and peers; we apply qualitative and intensive interviews to develop the ‘leadership story’ of an executive or manager.  

  • We engage in a deep, intra-personal process with each leader touching all aspects of experience – work and home; mental and emotional.   We utilize self-assessments, team-based (360) assessments, qualitative interview feedback, transpersonal self-inquiry, self-care practices, therapeutic dialogue, and role-play throughout our coaching.   Modalities are based in science, but adapted for each leader.    

  • Our integral model exposes every area blocking leaders from their highest performance and life happiness.    

  • We apply the art and science of leadership to transform leaders in every way. 

Our purpose is to help leaders thrive – improving their ability to lead, but also to lead happy lives.   Why?  Because happy people create happy people.   It’s that simple.  


We are dedicated to helping your leaders thrive – to live and work at their best.  Now is the time.  


The most progressive companies in the world are shifting – waking up their organization, creating mindfulness at work, creating incredible leaders, reducing their top-line and increasing their bottom-line – by empowering others.  


The question is not whether or not you are ready… the question is whether you can afford not to compete with those that are waking up to the new paradigm – those that are realizing their own moksha.  Do you have moksha?   


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