Technical Detail

We are able to provide customized online personality tests & aptitude tests to address your company's hiring or assessment needs.


Whether you are small business manager seeking to reduce employee turnover, a department leader that must find the right candidates now due to increased hiring demand, or an HR professional responsible for a corporation's hiring and firing - you want the best solution for hiring.   Online personality & aptitude tests are that solution.


If you are a senior leader and hoping to improve the leadership strength of your bench, if you are an HR lead designing your succession strategy, or if you are seeking to create a robust, management development process – our leadership assessment and coaching processes are transformational.  

  • Our team is comprised of leading professionals in industrial & organizational psychology and human resources who will develop and implement effective job & aptitude testing solutions for your organization. Our online personality testing ensures candidate's fit your company's culture & job requirements.

  • Our leadership assessments were designed with a team of Executives who have worked with CEOs and BODs for years – leveraging what we know from research, but also practical, real-world experience.

  • We offer over 100 different assessments for pre-selection (hiring) for specific jobs and also for leadership development/succession management.  


Pre-Employment Testing for any Job


The Moksha Institute’s tests are quick and easy to use. They are purchased and taken online, and the results are e-mailed back to you. While we have more than 100 tests for different jobs and aptitudes, our staff of industrial psychologists can design tests specific to your situation.


We have more than 20 years of research that proves testing helps you hire great performers who will enhance productivity and profit, avoid costly hiring mistakes, reduce employee turnover by fitting the right candidate to the right job, and improve future training program results.


We provide an easy and efficient testing system, a broad range of options for test types and reporting, valid tests that meet EEOC guidelines and in-depth, easy-to-understand reports that provide the information you need to make informed hiring decisions.


We pride ourselves on providing ready access to testing experts (Ph.D. scientists who are leaders in the field of personality and aptitude testing) who offer advice and customized test approaches.

Our tests are backed up by extensive research, much of which is published in peer-reviewed journals and other academic media.



  • In a retail-clothing store, our tests were able to identify superior salespeople who produced on average 500% more sales than the average worker.

  • One of our clients that used our STAY test (Still There After a Year) test generated a 50% reduction in turnover.

  • A large convenience store chain achieved over 3000% ROI thanks to testing of their store managers.

  • When a manufacturing company shut down for more than a year started up again, one of the changes put in place was testing for hiring. Once the plant was operational, the Plant Manager noted it was 22% more efficient — which he attributed largely to the higher performing workforce.