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Transpersonal Life Coaching

You are a thinking being.   On average, you have about 70,000 thoughts per day.   Research suggests most of these are worries, regrets, anxieties, to-do’s – and not necessarily life-giving.   Our thoughts create our reality – through involution and evolution.   In other words, what you believe impacts what you perceive, and also what you receive.  Thoughts have a filtering effect on the objective world and also an emergent, creative one.  Your thoughts are real.   They impact the world.   They affect others’ states of mind and the state of your being (your body responds to mental input as if it were physical).


The primary cause of unhappiness is never your situation but your thoughts about it.  Changing your thinking mind is difficult when done through traditional cognitive processes / coaching / therapy.   It’s hard to change your thinking with the same mind that thinks it …  Our approach is integral.   This means we operate at all levels of being:  your heart, mind, body, and soul – how you think, how you feel, how you practice, and how you connect to life.   To that end, every coaching engagement is customized.  We are Ph.D. level Psychologists, but also students of the Sacred teachings / Eastern approaches to existentialism.  

In short, our approaches are … “unique.”

Many come to us wanting to change their life circumstances.   What they realize is that peace comes not by rearranging the circumstances of life, but by realizing who they are at the deepest level.   We can help you change your life and manifest your highest purpose.  Contact Us for a FREE introductory coaching session.

Living Moksha  Workshops

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Cranial Sacral Therapy

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Meditation and Yoga Training

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Ayurvedic Personal Readings

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